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WiFi mouse leave billions at risk of computer hack – Bastille

According to a cyber security firm Bastille, if you are using a Wireless (WiFi) mouse, then its very easy to hack your system, from as far as 180 meters! Source: WiFi mouse hack leave billions at risk – Bastille “They

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Cool Gadget: A USB Led Fan That Prints Time In The Air – Only $5

We recently had the chance to review a really cool USB Led Fan, one that can print a message or time in air! The USB Mini Flexible Time LED Clock Fan retail Source: Gadget Shop: USB Led Fan – Review

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Crops Successfully Grown in ‘Martian Soil’

Source: Crops Successfully Grown in ‘Martian Soil’

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Challenging Hackers Is Never A Good Idea

What happens when a security conscious researcher challenges hackers? The researcher gets pwned! What else did anyone expect. Click to read the epic pwnage. Source: Challenging Hackers Is Never A Good Idea

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