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Ants: Dual Nature – both solid and liquid like

A new study by Georgia Tech reveals the dual nature of ants. Source: Ants: Dual Nature – both solid and liquid like Science News from the house of technology – GadgTecs Advertisements

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Solving the Growing e-Waste Crisis

Any electronic device or appliance used in our homes, offices or what we carry on a day to day basis like cellphones, USBs or laptops can be called e-waste Source: Solving the Growing e-Waste Crisis

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The Golden Beetles That Use Poop to Defend Themselves

Source: The Golden Beetles That Use Poop to Defend Themselves

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Revolutionary Headphones – The SleepPhones & RunPhones

These headphones will blow your mind. One is forced to wonder, why didn’t anyone think of these before? They are lightweight & durable and they don’t fall! Source: Revolutionary Headphones – The SleepPhones & RunPhones

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A review of NYT’s Best Seller: ‘The Survivor’ – By V. Flynn & K. Mills (Audiobook) – Book & Share Media

CIA counter terrorist agent Mitch Rapp – the hero of greater than a dozen political thrillers and probably the most well-liked fictional characters of our time – returns in The Survivor, the primary novel in the series to be printed

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Book Review: The Survivor (A Mitch Rapp Novel) | The Purple Sim

Everyone is a royalty here! Come and discuss latest happenings in finacne, technology, business, entertainment and travel Source: Book Review: The Survivor (A Mitch Rapp Novel) | The Purple Sim

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Can Astronauts Propel Using Farts in Space? | GadgTecs

Considering farts are actually explosive: Is it possible to propel your self in space via some (or lots of) flatulence? Flatulence is flamable—as everyone knows due to those YouTube videos stupid of people lighting their farts on fire. That’s because

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